Sake Selection 19-21 October 2022

On October 18, Hyogo Prefecture will be pleased to host a welcome reception for tasters invited to judge the sake entered in the Sake Selection by Concours Mondial.

Sake Selection by Concours Mondial is more than just a competition between brewers and prefectures. It is primarily aimed at fostering dialogue and creating a meeting point for industry specialists. Brewers, sake masters, sommeliers, distributors, journalists and opinion formers from all strands of the industry – in all more than 60 judges representing 25 nationalities – evaluate entries from all the Japanese prefectures.

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Sake Selection is designed to

Promote good quality
Japanese Sake

Boost production and sensible drinking of Sake

Introduce the public to this multifaceted drink

For over 2,500 years, the Japanese have been making and drinking sake, a sacred drink initially designed to be enjoyed only by the Emperor. Brewing techniques have evolved considerably over the centuries and continue to improve for both the fermentation and polishing of rice.

Interest in this beverage freighted with symbols continues to grow beyond the borders of Japan, with emphasis being placed on its ability to pair harmoniously with Italian, French and Korean cuisine. In Japan, its profile needs to be raised and young consumers educated and informed.

The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles has been commissioned to handle the technical organisation of the tastings and brings to the event the professionalism and independence for which foremost international competitions are renowned.

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