The SAKE selection by Concours Mondial competition
has two objectives

To make as many people as possible understand how this easily identifiable Japanese drink is the most modern and the most suited to international tastes. The challenge for Sake Selection is to present the most extensive range of Japanese sakes to the 60 judges, all of whom are recognised for their expertise.

Medal recipients are also given the opportunity to become flagships for the country’s sake industry through bespoke promotional events across the globe and by pairing local cuisine with the finest sakes.

To showcase the sake industry in the prefecture welcoming judges over the 4-day event. These international experts will be able to take ownership of the culture, history, gastronomy and of course the rich array of sakes produced by Hyogo prefecture. Once back in their home country, they will be able to disseminate information to those around them throughout the year. At a time when sake is gaining popularity in the West, Hyogo and its cities are excelling in Japan and making a name for themselves as promoters of sake across the globe!