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A new information centre to promote engagement with sake

Both elegant and savoury, sake encapsulates a treasure trove of complex flavours. Its production requires ancient skills which even today are multi-faceted. This quintessential Japanese drink is still highly artisanal and is a true national institution. Few enthusiasts are well-versed in the intricacies of sake! Made from fermenting rice and water, sake is served in the finest restaurants but must now
increase its exposure to international consumers in search of discoveries and new sensations. What do we know, for example, about the importance of the rice and yeast? What is the fundamental role of the Toji? Why does sake pair so well with Western cuisine?

In a bid to answer these and other questions, the organisers of the SAKE selection competition have decided to set up an information centre comprising 7 Japanese sake professionals with proven editorial skills combined with excellent knowledge of the product.

As the months go by, they will build up a documentary database from which professionals and consumers will be able to draw to learn more about this centuries-old beverage served in the finest restaurants around the world but which has undoubtedly not yet revealed its qualities and idiosyncracies to a broad audience. This one-stop information shop on sake is designed as a platform supplying in-depth, varied and up-to-date information for the website and social media.

An editorial team composed of 7 sake professionals

The initiative highlights the fact that SAKE Selection by Concours Mondial is more than just a competition. It is primarily aimed at fostering dialogue and creating a meeting point for industry specialists so that they can spread the word to consumers in Japan and worldwide.

Alomar Salvioni
Sake distributor- Sake Sommelier – Journalist
Carlos Armando Borboa Suaréz
Sake Specialized Journalist
Master of Sake (Kikisake-shi) – Sake specialist
President of Salon du Saké – Sake Samuraï
Master of Sake (Kikisake-shi) – Sake Educator – Sommelier
Journalist – Consultant JETRO National
Sake Importer – Sake Samuraï

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